Widowspeak "Expect The Best" LP

$ 18.00

"The meandering sound of Widowspeak that dangles around the subdued vocals of Molly Hamilton has been unhurried and "unfussed" since their 2011 self-titled debut, when Hamilton's innocently yearning confessions of young love and reckoning were introduced within Robert Earl Thomas' pensive guitar frameworks. The band essentially became a duo of Thomas and Hamilton for 2013's Almanac and 2015's All Yours. For Expect the Best, their fourth release on Brooklyn's Captured Tracks, Hamilton used her time in her native Tacoma, Washington for writing, which lends a nomadic feel. It was time well spent. There is no dramatic creative shift here. The essence of Mazzy Star co-mingles with the presence of Brian Jonestown Massacre meeting The Jesus and Mary Chain over a spliff, with all of the keen acknowledgement of the lingering echoes of instrumental utterance." - Under The Radar Magazine