v/a "Asian Man Music for Asian Man People Vol. 2" LP

$ 14.00

This is a one time pressing of 600 Records. This will never be pressed again. All songs are unreleased. The concept? Asian Man bands covering other Asian Man bands.

Side A
1.Antarctico Vespucci-Stormy Weather (Kepi)
2.The Murderburgers-Self Esteem (AJJ)
3.All People-Table Settings (Colossal)
4.Warm Thoughts-Ultraman (The Chinkees)
5.Great Apes-Last Strike (Classics of Love)
6.Winter Break-Controlling Animals (The Chinkees)
7.Kevin Seconds-Goodbye Forever (Alkaline Trio)

Side B
1.Modern Baseball-The Quark (Hard Girls)
2.Jeff Rosenstock-X-Mas Card (MU330)
3.Powernap-Gun Show (Classics of Love)
4.Dog Party-Brain Scrambling Device (Kepi)
5.Dowsing-San Francisco (Alkaline Trio)
6.Laura Stevenson-Do Something (Smoking Popes)
7.Spraynard-KKK Hiway (MU330)