The Thermals "More Parts Per Million" LP

$ 16.00

The Thermals, from Portland, OR, present to you their debut full-length, "More Parts Per Million," in all its “no-fi” glory! Distorted guitars, distorted bass, distorted drums, and distorted vocals collide into perfect, distorted pop songs. All-stars Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster, Ben Barnett, and Jordan Hudson make up The Thermals (and, between them, are either some or all of the following bands: Kind of Like Spitting, Operacycle, All Girl Summer Fun Band, and Hutch and Kathy). A band for little more than six months now, they’re already forcing people to take notice (Seattle’s The Stranger had this recent bit of praise: “Million is one of those records that makes the worst spells of depression instantly seem like hazy, nonsensical, memories and fills you with gushing desire and lust for life.”).