The National "The Virginia EP" LP

$ 19.00

"The band has been cresting for three years, and it's at a point where even the demos, B-sides, and covers could switch places with singles, and fans would be just as happy. "You've Done It Again, Virginia" would've fit snugly on Alligator or Boxer: It's all molasses, smoke, and muted horns. It's the first and best track on the 50-minute disc, which also gathers more unreleased studio tracks, demos (a markedly different "Slow Show"), and even a version of Bruce Springsteen's "Mansion On The Hill." It ends, as National concerts do, with an epic version of the gorgeous "About Today," whose transformation from sad and sorry to fraught and overwhelming perfectly distills the band's swirling mix of light and dark." - A.V. Club