The Marked Men "On the Other Side" LP

$ 19.00

"Thankfully, the band has compiled a 16-track collection of B-sides called On the Other Side and, unsurprisingly, their scattered assortment of singles is a stronger release than any works by the bands that have tried in vain to mimic their style. It’s a bittersweet retrospective on the career of The Marked Men, the unrivaled masters of catchy hook-writing. It’s also a testament to the band’s sheer inability to write a bad song, as if they couldn’t churn out a dud if they were deliberately trying to. On the Other Side includes songs from seven hard-to-find seven-inches and splits, as well as two previously unreleased songs, 'Disappear' and 'Go Cry.' It’s truly amazing that this band has better material sitting around on their cutting room floor than most bands have on greatest hits collections." - Noisey