The Frogs "It's Only Right and Natural (30th Anniversary Edition)" LP

$ 28.00

"Jimmy and Dennis Flemion’s band The Frogs were one of the of the most wonderfully strange underground bands of the ’80s and ’90s and their 1989 album 'It’s Only Right And Natural' became an instant, if controversial, weirdo music cult classic. Kurt Cobain was a fan — it was at #15 on his list of Top 50 Albums — and he often used it as Nirvana pre-show music, as did Pearl Jam. 'The music was so good because it wasn’t really just conceptual, it was pop,' says Harmony Korine. 'Once you got over the crudeness of the lyrics, the songs themselves were beautiful pop music.' Originally released on Homestead Records (Gerard Cosloy’s pre-Matador label), 'It’s Only Right And Natural' is getting a 30th anniversary reissue, featuring remixed and remastered audio (the album was accidentally pressed in mono originally) and track-by-track liner notes and and introduction by Jimmy Flemion." - BrooklynVegan