Tenement "Napalm Death" LP

$ 12.00

After a slew of incredible 7"s and splits, we finally see the highly anticipated and long overdue (but well worth it) debut full length from Wisconsin's TENEMENT. This is easily making my top 10 list for the year (and I'm sure plenty of other people feel the same way), so pick it up and see what the hype is about! Hailing from Appleton, WI, Tenement play punk rock similar to the more melodic side of SST spliced with the early sound of the Twin Cities. A beautiful mix of Husker Düs ferocity, Dinosaur Jr's guitar soloing and distortion, and The Replacements youthful energy, Tenement stand out in a modern-era by focusing on great and original songwriting that made these other aforementioned bands so special.