Tad "Salt Lick" LP

$ 13.00

"Steve Albini has a knack for making guitars sound like buzzsaws and drums sound huge and punishing. So when Tad flew to Chicago to spend a few days recording with Albini at the controls, it seemed like an ideal match. The sessions with Albini produced an EP, 1990's 'Salt Lick', and if it lacked a bit of the hard tread of Tad's uber-heavy debut album, 'God's Balls', it did capture the fine details of the group's attack with greater precision. While 'God's Balls' sounded like Jack Endino had doubled down on the band's muscular style with studio technique, 'Salt Lick' confirms they didn't need much help." - All Music Guide

This reissue of Salt Lick includes tracks from the “Wood Goblins” single, a split 7” with Pussy Galore, and the “Loser” 7”.