Tad "8-Way Santa" LP

$ 21.00

"Tad worked with producer Butch Vig for the '8-Way Santa' sessions, shortly before he helped Nirvana craft the game-changing 'Nevermind'. While the results lacked a bit of the monster truck impact of 'God's Balls', the album certainly favored Steve Wied's drumming, as well as the taut guitar crosstalk between Tad Doyle and Gary Thorstensen. '8-Way Santa' sounded cleaner and better detailed than Tad's previous work without sacrificing the roar of the guitars, and Doyle's vocals were a serious improvement over what came before, still gruff and full of menace but better articulated and with a welcome touch of drama." - All Music Guide

This reissue of 8-Way Santa includes tracks from the “Jinx” single, a 1990 EP, and a handful of unreleased album demos recorded by Jack Endino.