Supercrush "s/t" 7"

$ 6.00

Although best known for playing in a long lineage of hardcore, punk and metal bands (Go It Alone, Devotion), Mark Palm's focus has always been songcraft and pop sensibility. After finally embracing all that is sweet and sublime as the primary songwriter of San Francisco's shoegaze darlings Modern Charms, Palm continues to explore the saccharine side of things with this latest project, Supercrush. While not a carbon copy of any one band or scene, the sounds of Supercrush will likely appeal to those with a taste for much of the "alternative" music of the early 1990s, from both North America and the UK. From Brits Swervedriver and Teenage Fanclub to American counterparts like Sugar and Smashing Pumpkins, and even often overlooked Canadians like The Doughboys and Sloan, the common denominator is meticulously crafted pop gems, something that Supercrush also strives to achieve. Two blissful, hook-filled, syrupy-fuzz-pop anthems; so classically '90s, yet so now. Originally pressed in a small run of 300 copies on Bedside Records out of Canada, "Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away)" has been repressed on Grave Mistake. 7" includes digital download.