Stereolab "Switched On" LP

$ 25.00

"Singles and splits documented a band’s between-albums evolution during the 1990s. These compilations, remastered and reissued, reveal that process for one of the era’s most innovative groups. Switched On is the simplest of the three. Released in the fall of 1992 five months after Stereolab’s introductory album, Peng!, it compiles Stereolab’s first three singles from 1991—Super-Electric, Stunning Debut Album, and Super 45. The band was still a tidy quartet: drummer Joe Dilworth (of th’ Faith Healers), bassist Martin Kean (formerly of the Chills), multi-instrumentalist Tim Gane, and Laetitia Sadier singing sweetly in French and English about topics plucked from a grad student’s dog-eared textbooks. The band’s sound was fuzzier than it would soon become, brimming with stompbox abuse and two-chord rave-ups; the drums and guitars of 'Brittle' and 'Contact' are but a stone’s throw from shoegaze. Even then, the outlines of their sound, and the roadmap to their future, were fully realized in intricate detail." - Pitchfork