Sectarian Violence "s/t" 7"

$ 6.00

This is the pummeling debut EP from Sectarian Violence, a transcontinental straight edge hardcore punk band comprising members of bands from the US (Coke Bust), the UK (Never Again) and Sweden (Stay Hungry). Fast, raw, pissed off hardcore drawing influences from '80s hardcore like The Abused, Life's Blood, Negative Approach and Agnostic Front, with a contemporary take on the genre similar to more recent bands like Violent Minds or Dead Stop. Raging fast parts combined with hard-hitting breakdowns, all of which are executed with the desperation and urgency of those classic '80s bands. Lyrically, the topics cover a range of social and political issues, both globally and locally, seething with the frustration and anger that makes hardcore and punk still relevant in 2012.