Population "Beyond The Pale" LP

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Debut LP from this band of post-punks from Chicago. POPULATION has been crafting their sound since 2009, very much influenced by the post-punk building blocks of JOY DIVISION/NEW ORDER which was apparent on their earlier EPs. A few tours later and with the addition of a stellar new synth player, their sound has expanded into a new dark realm of intensity, aural layering, and diversity of influence. “Beyond the Pale” describes the album perfectly as POPULATION clearly moves beyond the routines of dark wave and death rock. TONES ON TAIL and SISTERS OF MERCY are brought to mind on the heavier gothic rock dance songs, all put through a punk rock filter of tight angular bass lines and concise drum fills. On other tracks we hear more of a CHAMELEONS/THE CURE/NEW ORDER dark pop sensibility with the gorgeous washed out synths adding a shoegaze element here and there. Includes digital download.