Parquet Courts "Human Performance" LP

$ 21.00

"Human Performance is a bracing snapshot of a band on a roll. As punk turns 40 on both sides of the Atlantic this year, it's fitting that this record is out on Rough Trade—that era's arty, leftist wing of outsiders-among-outsiders. You'd be hard pressed to find a contemporary rock band honoring the classic Rough Trade legacy as well as Parquet Courts, in both sound and spirit, while doing something audacious and new. In a sense, they even revive Rough Trade's O.G. connection to eccentric Texas psych-rock, from back when conceptual artist Mayo Thompson of the Red Krayola was the label's heady spokesperson, producing crucial records by the Raincoats and the Fall, and collaborating with members of Pere Ubu and Swell Maps. Parquet Courts deserve to be discussed within this lineage. Intelligence is addictive, and there is accordingly a quiet mania to Parquet Courts fandom that matches that of their forebears. On Human Performance, Parquet Courts send a generation-skewing message that avails not, time nor place: it is cool to really think." - Pitchfork