Obliteration "War Is Our Destiny" 7"

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Final (I think) 7" from this Boston-area side project... I'd kind of forgotten about these guys, but this EP is a banger. It's crazy how much it reminds me of Impalers... there's the same pounding, kind of mid-paced rhythm that dominates the record, but a couple of the songs on this EP have near constant soloing over them. Impalers aren't averse to a solo either, of course, but these are a little more disjointed, even wonky... they kind of remind me of Woody Weatherman solos in a way. Clearly this is coming from a very diverse range of musical references, as there are elements of Swedish HC, raw old metal like Venom (the way the riff that ends side 1 starts off side 2 reminds me a little of "At War with Satan"), and also some big catchy choruses that wouldn't be out of place on a UK82 record. All in all a pretty bangin' EP... highly recommended from the still-flawless Beach Impediment label.