Metz "II" Tape

$ 8.00

"The best punk isn't an assault as much as it's a challenge — to what's normal, to what's comfortable, or simply to what's expected. Teetering on the edge of perpetual implosion, Metz seems obsessed with how far it can push its own warped vision of punk. If self-deconstruction were an Olympic event, Edkins, Slorach and Menzies would take the gold for Canada, hands down. At well over four minutes, "Kicking a Can of Worms" is more than just an endurance test: Bookended by a abrasive, acoustic guitar intro and an epic, white-static coda, the song bristles with cerebral coldness. But it's also an emotionally exhausting exhibition of shame, loathing and futility, unpleasant things that are too often packed into the back of the brain to fester. On II, Metz bravely does its festering — as well as its growing up — in public." - Jason Heller, NPR

Tape color may vary from picture.