LVL UP "Three Songs" 7"

$ 6.00

Although self-categorized as "slacker rock," Brooklyn, NY's Lvl Up is quite an ambitious band. In only a few short years, they have released two critically acclaimed LPs as well as a number of singles and splits with other indie darlings such as Porches, Ovlov and Radiator Hospital. "Three Songs" is a quick but fulfilling demonstration of Lvl Up's ability to write incredibly understated indie-pop classics. In typical fashion, a different member of the band takes the lead on each of the EPs songs. Opener "The Closing Door" is a mid-tempo headbanger with drowsy leads soaring over the constant roar of fuzzed-out guitar and bass, followed by the quick and poppy sing-a-long "Blur," which offers the record's catchiest moments. "Proven Water Rites" ends the EP at its most melancholy, slowly building momentum from a melodic, steady rhythm into an intense and explosive end. Includes digital download.