Institute "Subordination" LP

$ 18.00

"A thicker and firmer recording, it’s more akin to Institute’s punchy live presence (and less to the old leftist English punk band Crisis). Far from the great jostling simplicity of early material like “Giddy Boys,” the songs on Subordination expand to accommodate instrumental detours. And Brown, though still a wailer, mixes his spittle with a bit more venom. The lyrics refer to “oil wealth” in a “Southern state” rife with racist “good ol’ boys,” plus heteronormative indoctrination via television and how “sexually insecure police cause violence.” (There are certainly shades of The Dicks’ classic “Hate the Police.”) He’s zooming out, dismayed by how patriarchy and racism conspire to impoverish and destroy nonconforming bodies." - Bandcamp Daily