Boston Strangler "Fire" LP

$ 10.00 $ 15.00

The prodigal sons of Boston Hardcore have returned with their much-anticipated sophomore record. Picking up where their 2011 debut "Primitive" left off, Boston Strangler moves forward and upward on this release, still proudly wearing the same regional influences on their sleeve (SS Decontrol, Last Rights, Jerry's Kids, Deathwish, to name a few) while both fearlessly treading new territory and further establishing their own unmistakable sound. All the elements that originally drew people to the band are still present, Ban's throaty commanding growl, Cliff and Dave's dual-buzzsaw guitar attack, DFJ's precision machine-gun drumming, but with the arrival of Dan "Danimal" Abramovich on bass came an element of melody and cohesiveness that was only hinted at in the past. Boston Strangler shares members with Rival Mob, Waste Management, Peacebreakers, No Tolerance, Battle Ruins, Scapegoat, and more.