6131 Records - 2019 Subscription

$ 120.00


Lots of labels have revisited the subscription idea recently, and 6131 Records didn't want to miss out. Seriously though, we've talked about doing this for a long time and we finally feel like we're ready.


Subscriptions are limited to 75 members, each receiving:

  • Six Exclusive Pressings
    • Worriers 'Survival Pop (Extended Version)' LP on half clear / half oxblood vinyl
    • Self Defense Family 'Performative Guilt' 12" EP on white vinyl
    • Sammi Lanzetta 'TBA' LP
    • Macseal 'TBA' LP
    • 2 LP represses of classic 6131 titles we think you'll be excited to get
  • Exclusive Shirt (tell us your size in the order notes, XS to 3XL)
  • Extra Goodies and Freebies
  • 10% Discount Code for 6131 U.S. Webstore Through 2019
  • Early Access To All U.S. Webstore Preorders in 2019
  • Entry in Contests to Win Test Presses

If you want more details, read on...


We did this back around 2010 when 6131 Records was still mostly a bedroom operation and honestly, it didn't go so well (we did end up sending additional records to everyone, although much later than planned, but if for some reason you subscribed back then and didn't get your stuff, let us know). Since then, our team has grown considerably and we've spent a lot of energy improving all aspects of our mailorder operation. We're honestly pretty proud of our setup now, often times getting feedback about not only the speed of delivery, but also how expertly things have been packed... kudos to our mailorder master Alex, the best in the biz!

So here we are, nine years or so later, giving it another go with a lot better understanding of how to do this sort of thing in a way that both feels fun and also responsible to our supporters.


To keep things manageable, we are limiting subscriptions to just 75 members this time. Each subscriber will receive SIX releases (5 LPs and 1 12" EP), pressed on a variant limited to 100 only available for mailorder through subscribing (see below on what we're doing with the extras). Additionally, each subscriber will receive a shirt featuring an exclusive design only available to members (tell us your size in the order notes, XS to 3XL), a 10% discount code to use on our U.S. webstore good for the remainder of 2019 on 6131 releases and merch, as well as our extensive distro catalogue, and extra goodies along the way (we have some cool surprises we're working on already). Also, early access to all preorders on our U.S. Webstore in 2019 (we may have more releases than are included in this subscription). Oh and we're going to giveaway one test press of each release randomly to a subscriber.

The releases you'll receive are:

  • Worriers 'Survival Pop (Extended Version)' LP on half clear / half oxblood vinyl
  • Self Defense Family 'Performative Guilt' 12" EP on white vinyl
  • Sammi Lanzetta 'TBA' LP
  • Macseal 'TBA' LP
  • 2 LP represses of classic 6131 titles you'll definitely be excited to get

We will send packages every few months, with the plan to be one in April featuring Worriers and Self Defense Family, one in June with a to-be-announced repress LP, one in August with the Sammi Lanzetta LP, and one in October with the Macseal LP and a to-be-announced repress LP. Obviously, please be understanding as the August and October shipments might move slightly based on production timelines, but things are on track already to hit those goals.

About those extra 25 of each pressing... you know, the bands usually want copies, as do we (we're collectors too!), plus we've been selling variants of a few releases exclusively in our brick-and-mortar store located in Richmond, Virginia. After all the band and label copies, this will leave about 10 of each release we will sell in the Richmond store, only available to those who visit the store in person.


Price before shipping is $120. For subscribers in the U.S., shipping will be $30. If you're in Canada, shipping is $100 and shipping to the rest of the world is $140. Unfortunately, those of you outside the U.S. are only being charged the actual cost of shipping to you, which is expensive and unavoidable, but hopefully the batched mailings will save you a little compared to buying six separate releases individually.


A little...

Subscriptions are non-refundable. Just too hard to manage and since we expect interest to be fairly high, it's unfair to those who might miss out in the initial subscription window. Also, it's hard to understand why people buy things and then immediately ask for a refund, but it happens more than you might think. So yeah, don't do that, 'cause you can't this time.

The releases you receive are pre-determined, so no exchanges. You may already have one of the records, but we think you're getting something nice and limited (read: valuable), so if you feel the need to flip it (not that we're encourage that), you should be able to and make at least your money back, if not more, although no guarantee on value either, to be clear. But also, you could give it to a friend instead of flipping... records make great gifts. Just an idea.

Due to the process of sending these packages out to 75 people, we cannot bundle them with other purchases on the store to lower shipping costs.

The discount code you receive will be activated within 24 hours of your subscription, so give it a day or so before you try to use it.

If you are lucky enough to win one of the test presses, you won't be entered to win any of the subsequent test press contests in 2019. Want to spread the love.

And, on the long shot chance that one of these records doesn't end up getting released, you will definitely be given a substitute we feel is a reasonable replacement.


If you become a subscriber and have any questions or need to change your mailing address at any point, please email shop@6131records.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.